Brown's Accents offers a fundraising experience like no other. All of our candles come hand poured, wrapped, and packaged just for you. If you need help with delivery, we can help! If your organization needs some incentive to sell candles, we can help with that too! Our goal is to support your organization and help you run a smooth and enjoyable fundraiser! 

So, how's it work?

Our 16 oz mason jar candles are scented all the way through, burning 100-125 hours each. Your cost for the candles is $6.00 each with a tax i.d. number. We suggest that you charge your customers $9-11 per candle. 

Your organization takes orders, and collects the money from your customers. Your organization then makes one check out to us upon pickup of your candles! 

We offer a two week turnaround time for your candles. We are happy to provide samples ahead of time to help you sell the product! We will have the candles organized and separated for you to ensure an easy pickup! 

How do I sign up?

Thanks for your interest in our candles! We would love to learn a little bit more about your organization! Please submit your organization's name along with some information about your fundraiser! We look forward to working with you and your organization soon!


Thank you,

Brown's Accents

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